Friday, October 30, 2009

ok. Here we go.
As I rapidly approach 36 it has occurred to me that if I am to publish my own comic book it must be now. So this blog is now going to document the process.
YES, I know this all sounds super nutty, but I must try and see if I can do it. BEAR and CUB were conceived when I lived in Seattle (around 1998)and have gone through various incarnations. I have given myself until March to publish issue #0 (no, not issue #1), I want to be ready for Emerald City Comic Con.
This is sure to be stressful and hopefully full of joy too. I very rarely share my aspirations so this could also open up worms in cans that I may not be able to deal with.
Anyway here goes nothing.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Losing My Keys and My Mind

I admit it, I lost my car keys. I have now become the guy who lost his keys. What does this mean in the grand scheme of means I have finally begun losing my mind.
Somehow I have become a guy with so much on his mind that I placed my keys in such an odd place that even the cat can't find them. I have two cats, a dog and a husband all of whom are in hiding as I freak out in search of said keys.
To my keys where ever you are, damn you all to the pit of key Hell!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Forever Farrah

When I was 5 years-old I first laid eyes on Farrah Fawcett in a an episode of "The Six Million Dollar Man", and for the first time I can remember I wasn't drooling over Lee Majors.
Fawcett played Major Kelly Wood, and her smile just melted me, her hair was closing in on her trademark look..but was still untamed. Sitting on a brown shag carpet I asked my mom who the beautiful woman was and my sister interrupted telling me her name was Farrah and she was married to Steve Austin! How dare this woman be married to my future husband!?
About a year later I was introduced to "jiggle TV" and "Charlies Angels", right away all was forgiven. The sight of Jill Munroe skateboarding was all the encouragement I needed to try doing it myself, but I guess feathered hair is needed for good balance!
On the playground I was relegated to the role of Bosley, secretly wishing Trina McNary would get hit in the face with a tetherball and I could rush in and complete the Angelic trio before the end of recess. Alas Trina and her full head of blonde hair remained intact and the best I could manage was the occasional fill-in for Sabrina ( thank you chicken pox, sorry Jodi).
As I grew into my gayness the "Farrah Poster" saved me time and again from worrying my family, they assumed I was lusting after the heavenly figure of a sex symbol ( that's what my Lee Majors poster was for) when in reality I was dreaming of fitting into a red bathing suit and riding Lyle Waggoner like a mechanical bull.
Farrah and I had a falling out when she decided to become a serious actress. When she was burning beds and becoming extreme, she was also hitting a bit too close to home. Even with bruises and movie of the week marquee value I still worshipped the angel.
All was forgiven when Farrah graced "TV Guide" and their Farrah at fifty story. The Angels were getting close again and TNT would air "Charlies Angels" several times a day. Now as a full out and about gay man I could appreciate Farrah in the open.
Over the years living in L.A. I have met all the Angels at one time or another, but after a few close calls I never got to tell Farrah how much she was loved. In an ironic and sad twist Farrah died almost a year after my mother passed away (both from cancer).
In a world full of Pamela Andersons and disposable images Farrah will forever be "that girl" whose smile lit my room in bad times and ushered in so many good times since. If there is a speaker box in heaven then I just want to say "Hello Angel".

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wonder Woman animated movie lacks "wonder".

Upon watching the new direct to DVD "Wonder Woman" film I am relieved that DC and WB will never get a live-action version to theatres.
After the success of "Superman/Doomsday" and "New Frontier" I had high hopes for Wonder Woman. But the animation is sloppy and Diana herself looks to be about 17. There is not enough of a stylistic departure from "Justice League" animated to make this look like anything but an unfinished screen test.
The story is a mix of the George Perez origin and Gail Simones' wittier take on the mythos, together they fall flat and are almost insulting to the character. Gone are many of Diana's gifts such as flight and Superman-level strength, in their place are lackluster "skills" and a return of the invisible jet (without any explanation).
I admit I am being harsh because I am a huge Wonder Woman fan, but the entire package just doesn't do justice to Diana and her supporting cast.
"Felicity" herself Keri Russel does an alright job at voicing Diana and "Firefly" alum Nathan Fillion is as good a Steve Trevor as was possible to find. Had these two been given better dialogue, the film would have risen beyond the generic sexist themes. For fans who want to see the "real" animated Wonder Woman, Warner has added 4 bonus "Justice League" Wonder Woman themed episodes that are far superior to the movie itself.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Batman Brings Back the Fun!

It is hard to imagine that in the year that brought us "The Dark Knight" and the death of Heath Ledger that Batman could be the source of so much fun, but watching the new Bat-toon "Brave and the Bold" returns the retro-cool fun of the 60's television series.
The bright pop-culture overload is just what the animation landscape needs, and teaming Batman with under-used DC heroes is the cherry on top. The show seems to take it's cue from the Adam West world of the Batman with a slightly harder edge. You still get the BAM! POW! but with the addition of folks like Green Arrow and Blue Beetle along for the ride.
This is not the serious "Batman: The Animated Series" which launched the modern DCU ani-verse. But this is a nice treat in between the next direct-to-DVD projects that take on more serious stuff.

Long Live the Legion

Geoff Johns seems determined to save the "Legion of Super-Heroes", and with the amazing "Final Crisis:Legion of 3 Worlds" mini-series, Adventure Comics" and his "Legion" episode of "Smallville he just may succeed!
With all the hype and let down of Grant Morrison's "Final Crisis" mini-series the DCU fans still scratch their heads wondering the they just read. But somehow under the radar Geoff and the amazing George Perez released the loose tie-in called "Legion of 3 Worlds". Johns does what he does best...fix continuity and create an epic tale in the process.
At this point the Legion is so confusing that it was almost unreadable, every new relaunch created it's own set of problems. Geoff is now combining all the incarnations together to battle the best new villain in years: Superboy Prime. And NO ONE draws a Crisis like George Perez. Sure, the book is months late but each issue is worth it.
Mr. Johns is also relaunching "Adventure Comics", the book that first gave us the Legion of Superheroes. It will be interesting to see how he juggles the present and future Super-family of heroes. This book will be most welcome on comic shelves.
And "Smallville", a usually bland re-telling of the Superman's early years got a much needed boost from the Johns written episode "Legion". Fans seemed to really love this episode too, and with good reason, unlike the Justice League based eps this one was accurate and full of action.
Warner Brothers should really tap Geoff for more screen projects, but it would be a shame to see him leave comics. Where ever Johns takes the Legion I look forward to the trip.